What to Bring

Range Bag

A range bag is a sturdy bag to carry your ammo, ear and eye protection and other items you'd like to have at the range.

Not only do range bags make transporting and storing your items easier, once you're at the range, you know that all of your items are in one designated place.

Gun Cases

Gun cases are one of the safest ways to bring your firearm to the range, so you will likely see many people walking around with one or more cases as they enter the range.

IMPORTANT: even if your gun is stored in its case, it must be unloaded and the lock action open.

Eye Protection

Most ranges require that you wear proper safety glasses when shooting. Proper safety glasses help keep debris out of your eyes.

They should fit your face comfortably and meet OSHA requirements. Because sunglasses and prescription glasses don't meet OSHA requirements, most ranges will not allow you to shoot with just those.

Ear Protection

Whether you are at an indoor or outdoor range, ranges are loud. If you are not wearing proper hearing protection the sound from gunshot can cause permanent hearing damage.

Ranges will require you to wear ear protection such as foam earplugs or earmuffs. For those with very sensitive ears, both can be worn.


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