What to Expect at the Shooting Range

If you've never been to a range before, you may feel a little nervous on your first visit. Rest assured, you're not alone. Many people were nervous their first time at the range.

Sometimes simply knowing what to expect in a situation, helps dispel concerns. That's why we've put together this "what to expect" information.

Regardless of which range type you choose to visit, shooting ranges are a great place to learn how to shoot a firearm in a safe and controlled environment.

Advantages of an Indoor Range

Climate control—you don't have to worry whether it's raining, snowing, or foggy outside. Indoor shooting ranges are a great place to practice anytime of the year.

Indoor shooting ranges often have a wider variety of amenities such as restrooms, storage lockers, and sometimes refreshments.

Advantages of an Outdoor Range

If you love the outdoors and want to experience what it's like to shoot in the elements, an outdoor shooting range may be just for you.

Sometimes indoor shooting ranges place limits on the type of ammo and caliber of gun that can be used in the facility.

Outdoor ranges are more likely to have a broader selection of targets, including reactive targets.

Before Going to the Range

Many shooting ranges have websites where they post their rules and expectations. So, once you select a shooting range, look it up online and see if you can familiarize yourself with that specific range's rules

If the range does not have rules posted online, you should be able to find them posted near the shooting area.

Bringing Your Own Gun

If you bring your own gun(s) to the range, be sure that all are unloaded and are in a case or their original box.


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