Setting up Your Targets

Indoor Range

Most indoor ranges have target carriers (or target retrieval systems). Frequently these are mounted on tracks that run along the ceiling. Each stall has its own target carrier.

If you are unfamiliar with how to operate the target carrier just ask the range safety officer. All systems are a little different and even experienced shooters need to ask for assistance, once you get help it should be easy.

While at your station, never go forward toward your target for any reason, if you drop something and it goes down range even 1 foot, contact the range safety officer who will call a "cease fire" and will help you retrieve the item.

Outdoor Range

At outdoor ranges the targets do not run along mounted tracks. They stay in one place. The range officer will call a cease fire to allow everyone to go down range to put up their targets.

The range officer will verbally announce when it is safe for everyone to move down range. During this time, no one may touch any firearms or ammo or even get close to the shooting bench. In fact, the range officer usually stays at the firing line to monitor anyone not going down range.

Most ranges provide tape or staples to put up targets but it is always a good idea to have either or both with you, most use masking tape or clear tape.


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