Shooting and Cease Fire

Shooting at the Range

Once you have set up your target and returned to the firing line the range officer (RO) will announce when you can resume shooting by announcing that the "range is HOT" or "all clear to commence firing."

Always follow the commands of the range officer (RO) when at the range, they are there to keep everyone safe.

What to do During Cease-fires

If you hear a Range Safety Officer (or anyone else for that matter) call "cease-fire," you must immediately stop shooting - unload your gun - lock the slide or cylinder open - place your gun on the bench - step back to where you are behind the line of fire.

ANYONE can call a "cease fire" if they see a unsafe act happening like someone walking downrange or someone being dangerous on a firing line, it is everyone's responsibility to keep the range safe.

Cleaning up the Stall

Some ranges ask you to clean up your "stall" or area of brass or steel empty cases you have created, some will sweep the brass for you, look around and observe what the others are doing when they leave.


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